Web and Logo Design

As a restaurateur, you know all too well the importance of design. You understand that it is not only about the ability to attract customers, but also the importance of cultivating a personality that your clientele can relate to. At EIC® we understand the value you put into that personality, and we strive to reflect this through our design process to ensure your bar or restaurant carries the same esteem and swagger in the digital world as it does in the real world. Our experienced team of designers will work with you to create a digital recreation of your venue. Your website will be built from scratch to match your exact specifications, so that website may become the perfect foil to your business.

EIC® also specializes in creating and editing logos. If you are looking for a logo to reflect the personality of your business, our professional design team can help. Even if you are just looking to touch up or modernize an existing logo, our design specialists are at your service. Professional designers relish the opportunity to develop a brand, and the team at EIC® is no different.

If you are ready for professional, fully customized design, we're ready to do it for you.

Our Web and Logo Portfolio

Video and Photography

Showcase your food, drinks and décor with expert photo and video from EIC. Our experienced videographers will capture all the best trappings of your venue in the finest light. Talking about your business is one thing, but a picture is always worth a thousand words. Show the world what your venue has to offer with a guided video tour. Show off your finest dishes and drinks with an interactive menu and gallery.

If browsers can see a preview of what's in stored for them at your venue, they will be that much more likely to want to visit. Bring in new customers with premier photo and video by EIC.

Our Video Portfolio


Search engine optimization—you may have heard of the term before, but understanding what it means and applying it to your website are two very different things. For those of you who haven't heard of SEO, it is the process by which a website is made easier to find on search engines. EIC® specializes in producing top-quality, localized SEO for all of our clients.

This means that at EIC® , we produce SEO that gets you on all the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Not only will we put your website into the search engines, but we will localize your searches as well. We do this so that your website only attracts people most likely to be interested in patronizing your business.

Through meticulous keyword research and unique, fully customized content, EIC® makes certain your website is not only searchable, but that it brings in the best and most relevant search results.

Domain Names

You wouldn't normally give much thought to a domain name, but they are actually quite important. Securing the right domain name is the first big decision you will have to make when building your website. EIC® can help you make this decision: Our digital marketing experience will serve as your ultimate guide in selecting a domain name, and our market research and SEO knowledge will ensure that whatever name you pick is search-engine friendly.

Don't discount a domain name as something you can select and forget about; the wrong decision could haunt your website for life. Let EIC® help select and secure the right domain name for you.

Custom Content

Your website won't be complete until you've put in the words to let people know what exactly your venue is all about. This text has to be informative, compelling and SEO-friendly; otherwise you won't be seen or paid attention to.

That's why EIC® offers the services of our expert content writing team: Our team understands SEO and will correctly and seamlessly work it into your content. You will work directly with our writers to ensure everything you want to say gets on the website.

With the support of our writing staff, you will have the complete set of tools you need to build the best custom website.


In this digital age, connecting with your client base is very important. People want to feel as a member of a community and not like some robot consumer. As a result, the brand that best exemplifies a real personality attracts the most customers.

One way to let that personality shine through is with a blog. With a blog, you can always keep your customers up-to-date with the goings-on at your venue. Have a new drink special? Make a blog post. Have your bartenders discovered a new and tasty beverage? Blog about it. And don't just put out a few sentences like you would on Twitter or other social media, either—turn a new product into an event, an adventure. The more excited you are about your blog posts, the more excited your customers will be, too.

Of course, maintaining a blog is time consuming, and once you've committed, you have to stay on top of your schedule. EIC® has a team of ghost writers more than happy to keep your blog active and compelling. They will write for your blog periodically, and best of all, no one will ever know it's us. To your customers, the blogger is your business. Let EIC® help you connect with your customers.